Scholé Sisters: Camaraderie for the Classical Homeschooling Mama

Scholé Sisters is the podcast for the classical homeschooling mama who seeks to learn and grow while she’s helping her children learn and grow. Scholé Sisters is a casual conversation about topics that matter to those of us in the trenches of classical homeschooling who yearn for something more than just checking boxes and getting it all done. In each episode, we cover our Scholé RDA {places to go for inspiration and growth}, a topical discussion relying on principles we find in books by people like David Hicks, James Taylor, and Charlotte Mason, and a Principles Are Practical nitty gritty homeschooling question. Come and join the Sisterhood of the Podcast!
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Scholé Sisters: Camaraderie for the Classical Homeschooling Mama


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Feb 26, 2016

Pam is not only Brandy's co-host, she's also the guest this time around. That’s because Brandy really wanted to hear more about her classical co-op and all the changes they have made over the years and how those have come about. Since Brandy doesn't have a co-op herself, what she really wanted to do was listen and learn -- and Pam was full of great lessons, that's for sure! Get ready to be inspired to continue to learn and grow and allow that process to bear fruit in other endeavors, such as co-ops.

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Feb 12, 2016

Today’s episode is a conversation about the connection between love and learning. Is it important that our students love their subjects? Is it important that WE love the subjects we’re teaching? What do we do if we’re without love? We tackle all these questions and more – and in the process, we mention a lot of resources, so please remember you can find all of the necessary details in the show notes on our website at .

Feb 5, 2016

February is often called Homeschool Mom Burnout Month, which is only sort of a joke. The main thing we’re discussing today is the idea that levity – that not taking ourselves too seriously – is a key to preventing that dreaded homeschool mom burnout. We make sure to refer to sources like GK Chesterton, Charlotte Mason, Catherine Levison, and Carole Joy Seid, just to name a few. It's a lot of food for thought, to be sure!

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